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Today started with gardening—a lot of gardening. We were out there for two plus hours, pruning and fine-tuning plants.

I’m going to write more about it on My Quest for Chicken next week, after I have a chance to see what lives and dies. Suspenseful!

I also cleaned Peri’s 5g minibow today. Yesterday, Chase and I teamed up on the 10g aquarium… now the 20g aquarium’s the only obstacle left. We’ll do that one over the weekend. We started cleaning the back room too, including laundering some old sheets, simplifying Roomba’s obstacle course, and removing some sad-state bamboo. Poor sad-state bamboo. I don’t know why I can upkeep a vegetable garden, yet I forget about indoor plants…

I think in December, during winter break, I’m going to challenge myself to nurture and love some indoor plants.

Morning & Afternoon Pre-writing & Media

I watched lots of HuffPost: Perspectives on Facebook today and fell in love with this young hero’s courageous responses to hate rhetoric:

And while scrolling through Facebook, I couldn’t help but watch a comical yet true shout-out to our current White House:

Why the hell are you going through all this effort to rescue coal? Coal is the Blockbuster Video of fuel sources. It’s on the way out.

It’s good, isn’t it? The Blockbuster metaphor is just perfect.

Next, I moved to YouTube to watch a music video on lights I haven’t seen yet (I adore Lindsey Stirling—her music videos boost me when I feel down):

Pumped with (temporary yet wonderful) happy feelings, I tried to cement them into my brain by listening to Carl Sagan, one of my fondest science giants:

And by this point, I felt pretty good. So I went somewhere I’ve always enjoyed when I feel good: Melody Sheep.

I’ve watched this video who-knows-how-many-times—but my curiosity chases a new idea each time I go through it—which is why, today, I went back for another round:

After dancing in my office to musical stars, I reached the edge of my stimuli tolerance, so I left YouTube and retreated into my Kindle, continuing my slow journey (I’m taking a lot of notes!) through Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!—which led me back to Melody Sheep and YouTube to listen to Feynman, Tyson, and Krauss:

What a wonderfully, creatively charged feeling I’d built up! Here are some of the writing projects I completed as I bounced between all that media…

Today’s Social Media Goal

I’ve got this bad habit of either Facebooking too much or quitting Facebook—but I believe in my ability to practice in moderation; I just need to be more conscious about it:

Today’s Wattpad Stories

I started an epic poem slash cat fiction slash political satire to deal with my frustrations over the never-ending Trump Administration news:

💙 Your President is a Lizard

Then I moved on to Rydia’s Cure, my June-July fanfiction project (I had to come back to it later that night to finish):

💚 Feelings of Fire & Ice

Evening Pre-writing & Media

The two hours of gardening is hitting me like a truck… My whole body hurts.

Woohoo for purposeful exercise!—next time though, I need to spray stuff on myself so I don’t get chewed up by so many bugs.

So by the time I finished writing on Facebook and Wattpad, I needed another inspirational boost. I watched more Melody Sheep:

Brian Cox’s voice is soothing; not only do I appreciate his contributions to science, I admire and aspire towards his teaching skills.

And speaking of aspirations, I read some awesome stuff by talented authors, too—I try to read at least a few shorter prose pieces every day:

🖤 “In the End” by Angela Corbett

🖤 “What Plants Hear All Day at a Brooklyn Farmers’ Market” by Tim Hamilton

🖤 “The Poetry of Death” by Donald Hall

I finished my reading with The Mighty’s 12 Antidepressant Side Effects We Don’t Talk About,” then that felt like enough research to rocket launch into blogging.

Today’s Blog Posts

I added more wedding music ideas to Wyvia, including a new YouTube playlist:

💛 12 Relaxing Pre-ceremonial Songs

Then I played with SNES JRPG fanfiction ideas at Necroblogger:

🧡 SNES JRPG Fanfiction

The night ended with exploring a tougher topic on Cleo’s Autism Awareness:

💔 Autistic Meltdowns vs. Shutdowns

I need to look a little deeper into meltdowns and shutdowns, so I set a one-week daily agenda to return to in August.

Tomorrow’s Goals

Not sure if I’ll get to all these goals tomorrow, since we’re going downtown with family to get our marriage certificate ready—but why not shoot for the stars anyway? I’ll only choose one goal for every category, instead of doubling or tripling my efforts, just so it feels far-yet-graspable:

🖤 Social media goal—organize Pinterest for a half hour (it’s ridiculous—over 12K pins now);

🖤 Reading goal—critically analyze a poem from Smith’s Life on Mars (I can bring a thin poetry collection with me to downtown…);

🖤 Blogging goal—continue daily updates on Wyvia (because I’m too stubborn to slow down);

🖤 Wattpad goal—continue daily updates on Rydia’s Last Cure (this is probably the most joyous project I have right now, which equal parts amazing and ridiculous);

🖤 Cleaning goal—unpack the two bins in the back room and set them in the living room to bring to Anaheim next weekend;

🖤 Social life goal—hanging out with Chase’s family at the court house! 😅

I keep singing these two Melody Sheep songs in the tub (like, every day, I must sing parts of them, or I don’t feel like I’ve finished bathing):

The early cosmos was everywhere, white hot; but then as time passed, the radiation expanded and cooled. Then little pockets of gas began to grow, steadily brightening… We call them the galaxies. It was the beginning of the universe, and of time itself…

Cami gifted us her old shower speaker. I’m thinking of syncing my iPhone to it, then truly performing these Melody Sheep songs, in all my off-key glory.

In the Big Bang we had equal amounts of matter and anti-matter; and as soon as they met each other, they annihilated together; and this battle played out, whilst the universe expanded in its first minute of existence.

The featured image is a photo taken in my mid-twenties at the Long Beach Aquarium.

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