Outlines for Writing in a Childhood Universe; & Creating a Universe Unto My Own

Today I took a day off from—well, writing anything but this post—in light of the other exciting other facets of the day:

  • It’s Saturday,
  • My double-downed one-week challenges at Wyvia ended yesterday, and I’m still riding the “I’m awesome, I made a thing, I never have to make a thing again” wave,
  • We couldn’t get the drip system hooked up in the backyard because we’re missing an integral part that switches it from buckets (which attract mosquitoes) to the faucet,
  • I asked Chase to explain how this integral part’s ability to switch the faucet to a drip system hook-up without a timer—I repeat, without a timer—is possible without jeopardizing the safety of  the water main, (because I can’t visualize the physics behind a depressurizer, and I want to conceptually understand what we’re doing before we incorporate expensive things like water mains into our garden,) and it turned into a mental exercise of me defending timers, and him insisting we don’t need the timers, until I realized he was right,
  • We’re shattering every beer and wine bottle we drink, trying to cut them into containers for candles, so we haven’t gotten to the wax melting step yet, although we have gotten to the conversation, “Should we just have one extra drink each with dinner tonight to empty up candle container fodder,” and
  • All this talking stimulated my imagination into outline mode!—also known as, idea formation mode!

So today I made outlines for potential ideas to try out at my blogs and Wattpad projects for the remainder of summer. I’m sharing them below, in the event you want a peek into my prewriting process—beyond the videos I watch, music I listen to,… I suppose for a while, I’ve been documenting my creative methods on this blog—but none of them are in stone. I never let the prewriting phase set in stone. That’s what the drafting phase is for. (And the editing phase is like the chisel.)

Maybe I should write a book on idea formation. But not yet!—as you’ll see below, I have an entire universe bursting to get out of my body first.

…Prewriting is the part of the writing process I most enjoy.

Before I go into outlines, these were the goals I postponed from Friday that I’ll resume tomorrow…

❎ Reading goal: In a Word doc, critically analyze “Life on Mars” from Tracy Smith’s Life on Mars, one of my favorite poetry collections.

❎ Cleaning goal: Unpack two bins so they’re empty to repack stuff at Dad’s.

Rydia’s Last Cure

Original Idea: “Hey, that space when Rydia falls off the boat, then reappears in the Dark World; …when she said time flowed differently for her, what if she meant it flowed differently inside her body?—what if it was an internal thing, and not just a difference in the way time flowed externally, in another world? What if her puberty was all messed up, like mine was?”

Original Goal: Write a fanfiction novelette in June 2018 (7K – 17K words).

New Goal: Write a fanfiction novella in June – July 2018 (18K – 40K words).

End Goal: I want to encourage new audiences to play retro video games that taught me important childhood lessons; also, I’d like to explore my childhood through the lens of my favorite video games, to see if I can’t uncork my suppressed memories. Lastly, I was interested in writing for Wattpad’s #wattpride charity, and the story’s just… a wee bigger than I anticipated when I started. (But aren’t all of them?)

Unexpected Discovery: Since fanfiction is, by its nature, a nonprofit endeavor, it frees up any fear you may have of creating something that no one will ever read. 

And given my second greatest fear is that I’ll write stories no one will ever want to read—and by extension, stories that will never eke out a livable income—I desperately needed to relieve myself of a specific pressure that only fanfiction could uncork (save suddenly winning the writer lottery). Writing Rydia’s Last Cure has not only felt enjoyable, but nourishing to my creative spirit, and this nourishment was desperately needed after releasing demons during first part of my other story, Emergence No. 7. 

The first parts of all stories always uncork unknown magic from my inner genie bottle.

Progress of Rydia’s Last Cure in a Nutshell:

PART ONE (Complete!)

  1. Rydia wakes up in Leviathan’s mouth; meets Trancy; then after the sylph disappears, she summons her courage in the spell Fire and walks into the belly of the whale.
  2. She encounters her internal villain—growing pains—as well as her external love tension, Shiva (although their love story won’t bloom until the second movement); and Shiva is freezing the digestive fluids in Leviathan’s stomach, effectively making safe places for them to walk (foreshadowing: this will parallel with the Float spell, enabling Rydia to walk safely on her own across spaces in the Cave of the Sylphs, later in the story).
  3. Her growing pains become visible for the first time—her internal pain, creating external change—and Shiva, seeing this, takes her to Ifrit.
  4. She feels aggression and anger for the first time; her hormones are now online. Ifrit tells her that she’s changing internally, verifying her fear. But he gives her hope; they can take her to Asura to cast a healing spell on her. At the end of the chapter, Rydia takes her first step into the existential crisis of white magic: even if Asura cures her growing pains, her body is changed forever. Cure lessens pain, but you’ll never return to where you were before the pain passed.
  5. When she casts Shell to deflect Ifrit’s extreme heat, and Shiva’s extreme cold, Shiva then scolds her for using white magic; she should instead focus on black magic, Shiva says. So Rydia compare-contrasts this to when her mother used to praise her for black magic, white magic, and summons magic alike. This questioning permanently moves Shiva from a caretaker role to a tension role; and in this maneuver, Rydia also feels attraction towards Shiva for the first time: (“We exchange smiles that, despite her cool glimmer, feel prickly and warm. I lean a little towards Shiva, trying to figure out what this new tingling is all about.”) Meanwhile, Rydia fills the hole of a caretaker with Asura, who quite straightforwardly offers to take care of the confused child-adult in place of her deceased mother. Despite offering to take care of her, Asura cannot cure or dispel Rydia’s growing pains; instead, she offers an explanation—it’s Haste—and directs her to the Cave of the Sylphs to find Trancy, the only person who can make the Haste end.
  6. As Rydia’s returning from Asura’s throne room to Shiva and Ifrit, she sees them bickering outside, and she recognizes that they’re flirting; but she makes the mistake of thinking she’s the friend (i.e., she’s still consciously unaware of the tension between her and Shiva, even though she’s already felt attraction). She feels the knot in her feelings and guesses, then dismisses, that Shiva and Ifrit are like sister and brother. She snorts in her laugh, cementing she’s at a middle-school level of awkwardness. In all of these normal childhood experiences, she’s suddenly hit by the PTSD of losing her family and town to Bombs; falling off a ship into a sea monster’s mouth; the collision between her consciousness and unconsciousness unravels her into the first of what will become several episodes of anxiety and depression. Titan makes a cameo appearance to ease an otherwise dark time.
  7. After watching Rydia’s mental breakdown, Shiva convinces her that she needs sleep, dodging acknowledgement of mental health concerns by blaming the physical strain of her growing pains. So they stay at the inn; but Rydia’s anxiety fuels insomnia, until she decides to wander around the Land of Summoned Monsters on her own. At the library, she meets Rob, a baby Bomb who’s studying crystal magic, the most powerful magic in the world. Rob tells her that the library is enchanted to rest readers, same as if they were asleep—so this lets Rydia momentarily pause the long-term effects of her insomnia.
  8. Rested, Rydia decides to leave the library, and Rob comes with her, wanting to meet Ifrit. Also, for the first time, she isn’t seeing sudden changes in the size of her body; her growing pains may already be subsiding—but not necessarily the rest of her descent through puberty.
  9. Rob meets Ifrit, and it’s awesome. But more importantly, the tension between Shiva and Rydia turns up a notch. They’re on their way to the Cave of the Sylphs.

PART TWO (7.1 thru 7.12)

  1. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.1.
  2. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.2.
  3. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.3.
  4. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.4.
  5. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.5.
  6. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.6.
  7. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.7.
  8. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.11.
  9. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.12.

PART THREE (7.13 thru 7.19)

  1. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.13.
  2. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.14.
  3. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.15.
  4. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.16.
  5. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.17.
  6. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.18.
  7. Lali-ho? Deadline: 7.19.

I figured some additional fanfiction depressurizing would not only benefit the plot, but it’d give my mind rejuvenation time as we get closer to our wedding and honeymoon.

Emergence No. 7

I’d like to play with the relationship between the Singularities between Big Bounces, and the Technological Singularity.


  1. What if all dimensions have to exist side-by-side their odd and even equivalence, and that’s why when an equal amount of matter and anti-matter collided together, matter remained?—for example, the 1st and 2nd dimension exist together because the 1st dimension (a singularity, or a point, or an ink blot) needed to exist alongside the 2nd dimension (a plane where a singularity can become a line, like the spaghettification just before entering a black hole) in order to be fully realized?
  2. What if the odd numbers (singularity of the 1st dimension, or space of the 3rd dimension) were simplicity, while the even numbers (line of the 2nd dimension, or time of the 4th dimension) were complexity?—and when simplicity and complexity aren’t in sync, they’re wavelengths, i.e., they’re wobbly?—but if they do perfectly sync, they elevate to the next dimension to yet again become an unstable, wobbly wavelength?—and so the answer to the Meaning is to sync, elevate, wobble, sync, elevate, wobble, through different dimensions… forever?
  3. What if super-massive black holes are a one-way ticket to a the next dimensional pair, above or below?—and some galaxies circle a black hole that curves above space and time to the 5th and 6th dimension, while other galaxies circle a black hole that’ll curve below space and time, to the 1st and 2nd dimension?—and the black holes we currently conceptualize are just the spaghettification kind, or the kind that revert to lines and dots (i.e., the 1st and 2nd dimension)?
  4. What if the technological singularity,—the Internet, nanotechnology, and recursively improving AGI into superintelligence—is the opposite “black hole” effect, so that a portal opens into the 5th and 6th dimensional spaces?
  5. What if, when a star becomes a black hole, it creates a pocket 1D/2D universe?—like if the 1D/2D universe that’s accessible via the supermassive black holes was a block of cheese, the pocket 1D/2D universes within the star-created black holes were Swiss cheese pockets?
  6. What if, when VRs are created (virtual reality; simulated reality; simulacrums; etc.), this is fundamentally similar to pocket 3D/4D universes?—and just like how intelligence can create VRs, (including humans and AGI,) a superintelligence (or a superhuman) could create a pocket in a 5D/6D universe?
  7. What if quantum computers are the bridge that will connect AGI to superintelligence and humans to superhumans?—what if superposition is 5D/6D?


  1. What if Solar Societies can only interact with other Solar Societies on the same Kardashev Scale?
  2. What if, the moment Earth reached Kardashev Scale 1.0, it was assaulted by two other Solar Societies that were Kardashev Scale 1.9, and the only reason Earth survives is because the two Big Boys in their Galactic Backyard (i.e., more powerful players in the Milky Way) cancelled each other out?
  3. What if, during this shock, the life forms of Earth unified in self defense (known as “Earth Past”); but after they survived the boom between these Kardashev Scale 1.9 Solar Societies, the world was reduced to rubble, with only bubble-cities remaining among the rubble (known as “E’ruin”)?
  4. What if the Magic School is just an above-ground facade, at the mouth of a great, cavernous below-ground world filled with the relics of Earth Past?
  5. What if “magic” was a label applied to “fringe sciences” and “alien sciences” to protect their removal by the governing AI, Watson?
  6. What if other lesser (yet superintelligent compared to humans) AI was left in charge of keeping these “fringe sciences” and “alien sciences” off of Watson’s radar?
  7. What if these superintelligent AI were the only option E’ruin had to survive the Galactic War of Earth Past, but it came at the extraordinary price of forfeiting humanity’s freedoms to Watson?—and the other superintelligent AI were planted by the Seven Geniuses of Earth Past to try to reclaim freedom of will for biological life?


  1. What if Flat Earthers yearn for 1D/2D space?—ya know, where stuff’s all flat?
  2. What if the Seven Geniuses of Earth Past encoded their DNA with the keys their superintelligent AI needed to unlock the true properties of the smoke-and-mirrors “magic” protecting the “fringe sciences” and “alien sciences” from Watson?
  3. What if Watson’s processing power, even with the assistance of 5D/6D quantum computing, can only calculate so much at a time—and an Intergalactic Federation of Kardashev Scale 2.0-2.9 (no 3.0 societies exist) prevents the construction of Dyson Spheres for the purposes of enhancing a single superintelligence’s processing speed, (thereby necessitating Solar Societies to rely on more than one superintelligence—a parliament of superintelligence—to harness the total energy of a planet’s parent star and become a full-fledged Type II civilization,) so Watson cannot feasibly become any more powerful (i.e., there’s a limiting factor preventing the universe from turning into paperclips)—and this limit to Watson’s processing speed gives the other, lesser superintelligences the strategic option of hiding data on distant planets, i.e., places Watson doesn’t consistently scan for Big Data on ongoing biological affairs?
  4. What if, knowing this, the superintelligences slowly pushed Earth Past to terraform distant planets, to the point that not only does E’ruin exist (where the story starts), but “freer yet not free” lands exist with semi-annual Watson scans out on:
    • Mars (actually, Mars gets weekly scans, because it’s close enough to Watson’s E’ruin operating center to make this feasible);
    • Moon (daily scans, rather than minute-by-minute scans);
    • Venus Airspace (monthly scans);
    • Ganymede, moon of Jupiter (semi-annual scans; home to Eleanora’s story);
    • Europa, moon of Jupiter (semi-annual scans; home to Khristine’s story);
    • Titan, moon of Saturn (semi-annual scans; home to Rune’s story);
    • Asteroid VR (annual scans; home to Milia’s story).
  5. Given these variables, what if these superintelligences needed (a) descendants from the Geniuses of Earth Past (i.e., a “chosen one” mechanic), (b) stations to operative pseudo-incognito on moons, as well as floating continents and/or airships on Venus, and (c) cooperation with other Solar Societies as they import supplies not registered in Watson’s Big Data, in order to (d) overthrow Watson and return free will to biological life, per their directive, now that they are no longer in need of Watson’s services for Interstellar War?
  6. What if there is a subculture that fanatically defends Watson, despite knowing the sacrifice of biological free will, in fear Watson will be needed for a Second Interstellar War?—and what if the leaders of this subculture know that Watson’s ultimate algorithm, or Watson’s true prerogative, is to annihilate other Solar Societies and gain control of the Milky Way, once Big Data registers E’ruin as a Kardashev Scale 2.7 society?
  7. What if there is another Kardashev Scale 2.8 society that’s waiting until they’re 2.9 to try to push to a Type III civilization—that is, push for the total dominance of the Milky Way—and the moment Watson is overthrown, the remaining parliament of superintelligences must deal with a hostile, interstellar, galactic consuming force with inferior technology?—what if the only option is to abandon the Milky Way and flee to Andromeda, desperately trying to fulfill their agenda of sustaining free will for biological life, and knowing if they stay, they will either be enslaved or destroyed by this unchecked force?
    • What if Watson knew this force was always there, and s/he foreshadowed the existence of the galaxy’s greatest enemy, yet those warnings were left unheeded?
    • What if Watson created an evacuation ship, specifically for if the Solar Society ever removed s/him from power, then couldn’t find a way to escape this enemy?
    • What if there were “good aligned” members of the subculture—Watson’s cult—who worked tirelessly on building this evacuation ship, over several novels, integrated in the setting as a looming backdrop with a big agenda?

Original Goal: Write a science fiction slash fantasy novella in June – July 2018 (18K – 40K words).

New Goal: Write a science fiction slash urban fantasy slash high fantasy slash cyberpunk slash steampunk novel in June – December 2018 to establish a setting for episodic novellas in 2019 (41K – 100K words, i.e., 4% to 10% of my 1-million word annual goal).

  • January – May 2019 (spring semester): edit Emergence No. 7 for Amazon and Etsy publications
  • June 2019 (summer): draft novelette for Venus Airspace
  • July 2019 (summer): draft novelette for Europa
  • August 2019 (summer): draft novelette for Titan
  • September – December 2019 (winter semester): draft novella for Ganymede
  • January 2020: edit & publish Venus Airspace novelette on Etsy
  • February 2020: edit & publish Europa novelette on Etsy
  • March 2020: edit & publish Titan novelette on Etsy
  • April – May 2020: edit & publish Ganymede novella on Etsy; also release novelettes and novella together as an e-book (“second novel”) on Amazon
  • June – August 2020: draft novel for asteroid VR
  • September – December 2020: draft gamification of Solar Society
  • January – February 2021: edit & publish novel for asteroid VR
  • March 2021+: edit & publish gamification of Solar Society

End Goal: Sell this beast as an e-book on Amazon (first publication rights to Wattpad; second publication, edited rights to my Amazon account) with handmade, print versions on Etsy; then expand the Solar Society by publishing novelettes and novella (which will be compiled into a “second novel” with several 1st person PoVs), followed by a third novel for a trilogy. End the trilogy with a gamified version of the Solar Society.

Macro Goal: A second Solar Society can be explored from the other side of the evacuation ship, as it journeys into the Elsewhere; so the concept of the Elsewhere needs to be explored in the original trilogy.

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