Introducing Update Buttons!

I made three updates today—two on Wattpad, and one in my WordPress blogosphere—but more importantly, I also designed several buttons for realizing these ideas; and what a fun incentive, first repurposing my PicsArt gallery into illustrations, then making those pictures a reality!

I know, I know, buttons have been on the Internet since the 90s, but I’m still excited… 😎

If you haven’t been reading my fanfiction, Rydia’s Last Cure, you’re missing out on a classic hero’s journey through the belly of a Leviathan (close enough to a whale, right?), beyond gatekeepers, and into unknown depths, all with the help of true magical aids like the fiery Ifrit, chilling Shiva, and a Bomb named Rob. Or if you’d rather go on an interdimensional journey, you can read my other ongoing Wattpad project…

These Wattpad projects make me happier than most of my blogging projects—not that the blogs are unenjoyable; they have their place!—so I’ve already begun my research on Super Virtual Reality, my next Wattpad fanfiction, although I’ve no intentions to start writing it until winter break. As part of my early brainstorming, I wrote about ten of the most inspirational games from my PlayStation days, at NecroBlogger:

I hope you enjoy today’s publications! Here’s my Instagram gallery of the other WordSwag illustrations I made, as a sneak preview of the blog posts to come:

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