Interview with Myself

One of the ways I like to free write myself towards answers is the self-inflicted interview—probing thoughts beneath the surface by directing my curiosity inward, rather than impose a sense of wonder solely on the external world.

I haven’t done a self-inflicted interview in some time. Let’s see where it goes. Every conversation needs a center of gravity, so in this case, I’ll lean the weight of my concern towards business plans for my writing. 

Why do I have so many blogs? I envisioned a solar system of sorts, but entirely digital, floating there on the Internet, where every book-length project is a planet, and the blogs are the moons orbiting that celestial body, keeping the tides in check. But right now, my blogs feel more like a violent asteroid belt, slamming into everything, unable to engage in a gravitational wedlock with an e-book. I need to write books.

Why do I want to write on Wattpad? The internet’s always been my best force in counteracting procrastination. When my actions are available online, I feel publicly held accountable—even if I don’t have a fan base yet, actually imposing that public accountability on me—so I write consistently. Writing online keeps me writing, rather than talking about writing.

Where are my Wattpad fans? I’ve only been a member for 3 months. So there’s that. After I finish several projects, and I’ve been a member for a year, I’ll let that bother me a little more, but these things take time.

Where are my other online fans? I have a decent following on my WordPresses, so if I used my blogs to share my Wattpad stories more, this may boost traffic. But I can’t rely on blogs to bolster book-length projects until those blogs also provide quality content to my audience. 

How could I streamline my online interactions? If I committed to commenting on Wattpad stories and WordPress blogs even half as much as I can commit to daily quests in Love Nikki, that interaction may build bridges between me and potential online audiences. I just need to interact with others more. And as far as social media is concerned, I’m not sure if pulling the slot-machine handlebar that’s part of the user interface of Facebook and Twitter is serving a greater purpose… although I still feel to compelled to update them as much as Instagram, my preferred social media choice. YouTube feels like the ultimate Great Unknown, the untapped variable; and Etsy sometimes feels that way, too. Wix wasn’t so good.

What vision do I have for this online writing, in 2-3 years’ time? I’d like to have half a dozen e-books up on Amazon, which are each linked to their own blogs, which are then linked to a master blog (here), which reach their hands and arms out to my social media platforms, and other supportive networks belong uniquely to those half-dozen pods too, such as one e-book that also remains a Wattpad series, and another e-book that’s supplemented by an RPG Maker Fes game, with still another that’s supplemented by Etsy products, or maybe they all remain Wattpad series to a certain extent, like Wattpad becomes my public creative writing space, and the e-books are available for those who want more polished, finished content, and Patreon allows fans to support those Wattpad works-in-progress, with the occasional dream of a Kickstarter campaign for a recurring board game, like a tabletop RPG that’s contained in a box. 

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