Preparing for Punk Contest

I’m preparing to enter a contest at Wattpad for writing punk-based stories. Here’s the prompt. (I’m also entering a poetry contest this month. Here’s the prompt for that one.)

I thought it’d be fun to do a 3x3x3 prewrite for this contest…

#1: Oceanpunk vs. Nanopunk

What if self-replicating AI got out of control and created the Grey Goo scenario, but humanity was able to build a ship that turns the nano ocean into regular water?


  1. unique idea, so my imagination can go wild
  2. would be easy to fit this in 5,000 words, given how quickly self-replicating nanobots could go wrong (exponential growth)
  3. Grey Goo is fun to research


  1. need to research ships; like a lot (I know nothing)
  2. will have draft new characters
  3. will need to make the technological singularity believable by providing the proper political, economic, and personal landscape

Furthering the Idea

  1. could Teslapunk come into the picture, i.e., electricity stops the nanobots, but all other forms of energy are useless?
  2. could I incorporate the four fundamental forces into my research?
  3. what do experts say about nanotech bringing the singularity?

#2: Oceanpunk vs. Plaguepunk

What if I elaborated on my intergalactic world history by exploring when the Stacens, a plague-infested race, broke through the Valthyzar Gate, desperate to overcome the water world for their medicinal resources? 


  1. connects to Ben in A Shapeshifter, Cyborg, & Wisp, so it can lead readers to my novel
  2. also connects to Chante in Emergence No. 7, so it can lead readers to my other novel
  3. Plaguepunk is also known as castlepunk, candlepunk, middlepunk, and dungeonpunk because it ties into fantasy and Middle Age worlds; so it comes with a whole hella lot of hashtags


  1. need to research herbal medicines that grow near the ocean
  2. still need to research ships for this idea, too
  3. I’m worried this won’t fit in under 5,000 words; I’d have to create a tight outline to make it work

Furthering the Idea

  1. could I tie the Stacen Plague to Malaria or the Bubonic Plague?
  2. Sledgehammer Small Pox?
  3. what if I wrote 10 chapters, 400-500 words each, to also practice writing tight, short-yet-sweet scenes?

#3: Arcanepunk & Teslapunk

What if artificial intelligence upgraded itself to superintelligence, taught humans its unfathomable formulas (which were dubbed “magic”), then a renegade group of humans tried to break away from this way of life by using electricity to battle magic?


  1. practice arcanepunk for Emergence No. 7
  2. could tie it into Emergence No. 7, but I could strike it as an independent project, too
  3. I like reading and writing about electricity


  1. could be difficult to come up with a reason why the electricians want to break away from the flock
  2. feels like the world building would be intense in this one, since it could be set in near-future Earth (i.e., a response to the technological singularity)
  3. would need to make new characters (unless it’s connecting to Emergence No. 7)

Furthering the Idea

  1. what if the electricians lived on Mars, and magicians on Earth?
  2. what if the electricians came from a new colony, like Europa, but the rest of the solar system was populated by AI?
  3. what if the electricians and magicians were working together against an alien force?—in this version, their worlds would collide socially, but join together politically, to fight a common enemy

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