The Voice of Procrastination

Today (and on other Saturdays) I update American Catseye and Forfeit Islandtwo of my shorter pieces. And I haven’t gotten around to completing those writing tasks yet.

I’ve had Saturdays where I add to both projects in under 500 words. So I’m not sure why I procrastinate them. Maybe it has to do with the fact it’s a Saturday.

It could also be that I’m exhausted from the projectile vomit that happened yesterday at 3am, or the college substitute teaching that filled the crevices of my “off” days last week. As much as I liked substitute teaching, I should limit myself to one assignment per week.

Next week, I’m subbing my favorite course, English 3: Logic & Rhetoric, on Tuesday night, between my Monday and Wednesday English 1: English Composition courses (which are actually my favorites, since I have some amazing students this semester).

Anyway, regardless of where the exhaustion stems, I’m procrastinating my Wattpad projects again, and that’s never good. After Chase finishes making us BLTs for dinner (with avocado, mustard, and salt and pepper), I’ll write more.

At least today, when I decided to procrastinate, instead of playing Game Dev Tycoon for two hours, I invested my dodgy energy into pruning with a new homepage and blogging interface.

I like how it looks this time.

I’ve liked how it looked the last several times I updated it, though.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll settle.

Then again, I got married. That’s hunkering down into something, isn’t it?

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