Preptober 2019, Day 10

Tonight I’m starting the outline for American Catseye, my epic cat poem.

American Catseye is a prequel to Worlds They Dream, along with A Shapeshifter, Cyborg, & Wisp. In addition, American Catseye is a Wattys 2019 Poetry Winner. Meowza!

I’ve already completed some Preptober work for American Catseye:

One-Hour Gameplay Preview for the Sequel to American Catseye, Worlds They Dream

American Catseye: Act 1

  • Chapter 1: DeeJAY explains how the leaders of the world are lizardmen who seek monatomic gold, while also making a jab at Trump’s lack of a science advisor.
  • Chapter 2: Philosopher Jones explains that dinorexes arrived on a tesseract to subdue hoomans, but when a meteor hit the Earth, the dinorexes went extinct, so before hoomanity ever evolved, the Bablylonian Brotherhood failed at their mission; since then, they’ve sent shapeshifting lizardmen to continue their wickled Illuminati schemes…
  • Chapter 3: Phoebe, the One and Only Bengal, accidentally slips that it’s the Feline Societies responsible for chucking an asteroid at Earth to defeat dinorexes, shortly after she talks about the ever-elusive tasty octopus.
  • Chapter 4: DeeJAY tries to recoup from Phoebe’s slip-up by explaining that the Feline Societies have been with hoomanity since Feline Society #201; now they’re at Feline Society #337, hoomanity’s saviors and researchers of the DNA for thumbs.
  • Chapter 5: DeeJAY tells the hoomans that they must retrieve the happy rock from the local lizardmen who stole it from the front yard; this will be the first mission to help hoomanity, now that they’ve learned the truth.
  • Chapter 6: Major Tom leads the hoomans through the neighborhood to retrieve the happy rock; and when they question a neighbor for the happy rock, it transforms into a lizardman.
  • Chapter 7: Major Tom fights the neighbor who transforms into a lizardman.
  • Chapter 8: Major Tom confesses that the happy rock is a weapon to fight Orange Man, one of the leaders of the lizardmen; unfortunately, they fail to retrieve happy rock.
  • Chapter 9: DeeJAY says, without happy rock, their next recourse is to retrieve Lahea, an expert kitten in Hawaii who can decode the behaviors of the Babylonian Brotherhood on the computer.

I’ve also re-released tonight. I’m excited about the website’s new design! Over on Wattpad, I updated Emergence No. 7‘s cover.

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