Preptober 2019, Day 11

Tonight for Preptober, I’m building the character profile for Major Tom.

In real life, Major Tom is Tom Selleck (or sometimes, Thomas), a dignified kitty gentleman:

But in American Catseye, Major Tom is a leader in Feline Society #337:

What does he want and why?

  • Tom likes peace and order in the house. Like Phoebe, he leaves when life is too loud, too sudden, or too busy. He prefers calm spaces because he’s sensitive.
  • Tom wants everyone to get along. He doesn’t fight with any of the cats, although he’ll play if they take first swing.
  • I think Tom wants kindness. He’s always the most curious when you’re laughing or smiling. He’s the most warm-hearted of our cats.

What is his compelling dilemma?

  • Buttercup and Phoebe fight.
  • Greg and Phoebe fight.
  • Greg and Buttercup fight.
  • Lahea and Buttercup fight.
  • Lahea and Phoebe fight.
  • Smokey and DeeJAY fight. (Smokey wants to sniff his butt so bad.)

Poor Thomas! Where’s his peace and quiet?

His Noble Quest and what’s in the way

  • If only Smokey could understand not everyone wants to instantly exchange butt sniffs…
  • If only Greg could understand the female felines do not like a dude hovering around them, mansplaining everything.
  • And if only Phoebe, Buttercup, and Lahea realized how much they had in common!

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