Alternate educational goals, 2020-21

If I wanted to stay a part-time student the entire way—opening up more hours for game development and Udemy-, YouTube-, and/or Coursera-sharpened self-learning (especially for specialty skills like game-making software)—I could adapt a compact schedule with less end-goals.

For instance, if I focus on the following, I can complete all necessary coursework by the end of 2021:

  • AA Art History (Clovis; complete, just need to apply)
  • AS Information Systems: Web Design (Clovis)
  • AS Computer Information Tech: Web Development (FCC)
  • Certificate Entrepreneurial Ventures (FCC)
Leaving 2019 to think about 2020…

Spring 2020

  • Teach 10 units
    • English 1A + 205
    • English 1A online
  • Study 8 units
    • JavaScript at FCC
    • Intro to Entrepreneurship at Clovis
    • Yoga at Madera

Given the spring semester starts in a few weeks, I don’t have much longer to deliberate on this. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, though. I’ve made spreadsheets and Word documents.

Some simplification is in order.

Summer 2020

Hatha Yoga, Marketing, Intro to Management, or Human Relations at FCC, plus Game Development (i.e., Unity) at Clovis.

Fall 2020

  • Hatha Yoga at FCC (unless completed in the summer)
  • Client and Server Databases at FCC
  • Beginning Go Language Programming at FCC
  • Word Processing at Clovis

Spring 2021

  • Beginning Java Programming at FCC
  • Spreadsheet Fundamentals at Clovis
  • Photoshop: Digital Visual Art at Madera

I’m at a precipice where I have to make decisions, like when I backed out of the cyber security program to return to web development coursework. But I think, this compact approach—where I’m balancing teaching and classes under 18-19 units—is a good idea, so I have more time to invest in

I like that better than the heavyweight schedule I posted last time.

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