First release: Mana’s Christmas

Just released my first RPG Maker MV game, Mana’s Christmas—a Christmas satirical and tactical JRPG that takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

I’ve had it up for an hour and a half now. Two people have played it. Sixteen views and 45 impressions means a 2.2% conversion rate. It’s free to play with a “Support This Game” button below the launchpad. I’m excited that two people tried it already.

So far, I did shout-outs in the following spaces:

  • RPG Maker Web forums
  • RPG Maker subreddit
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

I also put in a request for a completed game forum post for moderator approval. I’m nervous that I’m too loud when I shout, but I don’t know when’s a better time to make noise than a release day. Anyway, I have an RPG Maker review blog over on Tumblr, so I’ll post there, too. The last space I’ll visit tonight is Wattpad.

I also updated to include a link to the game.

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