Trijam, Part 1 of 3

Preparing for Trijam: The Ultimate Mega Extreme Edition

Releasing a game was exhilarating, so I’d like to do it again. On a whim, I joined the Trijam, which is a game jam that’s completed in 9 hours.

According to the rules:

  • I can spend as long as I want preparing. So I’ll put a document together tonight, then poke at it over the holidays.
  • I have to spend 3 hours making art, 3 hours making music, and 3 hours programming my game. I do not have to do any of it in one shot; I can stop-and-go, as long as I spend exactly 3 hours in each category.
  • Teams are allowed, so Chase and I can work together.

I just asked Chase to make a sprite of a cat, some buttons for the cat to walk on, and a monitor and control board. Also, we need seven cities, plus three animations for destroying them. Each animation should have five frames. I gave him our company color palette: 5 hexcodes.

He has 2 hours to complete the request.

I explained he has up to 3 hours, but I need the last hour for title screen, game over screen, and window graphics, so it would be super helpful to leave me time for randomness like that.

Meanwhile, I’ll compose some songs:

Music: Here we go.

…All right. So it’s been three years since I took the online course in Finale for the Certificate in Commercial Music—and I never finished that program—but hey, I’ve composed two songs, and I’ve exported them into .wav format to process into .mp4 and .ogg later, so that’s pretty nifty.

Then I paused the timer to continue the dev notes in this blog post.

One song will be for the opening screen. Another will be for when game play starts. That means I just need 3 more songs: the story, before game play starts; the ending; and the game over screen.

I’ll compose those last 3 songs after the holidays, maybe as a break during programming. For the last 20 minutes of today’s hour, I’m pulling out the Yeti microphone to make some sound effects with Windows Voice Recorder…

Making sound effects:

Making sound effects.

I spent a little longer than I intended, and I’m embarrassed by what I’ve produced, but I’ve converted the recordings—and the two songs!—into .ogg and .mp4, then plugged them into RPG Maker MV.

For buttons, blings, and clicks, I’ll compose a single-measure (or two-measure, if I’m feeling feisty) song, export as a .wav, then convert to .ogg and .mp4.

Might as well do that now.

I’ve completed sound effects for click, save, load, error, and success. With half the sound development time used up, I’m thinking I’ll only get two more songs and a few more sound effects; so the game over screen is going to have the same music as the title screen, but slowed down.

I’ll complete the remainder of the sound development during the holidays as a second blog post. Chase should have the 3 hours of art assets done by then. For the third blog post, I’ll track the 3 hours of programming.

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