Trijam, Part 2 of 3

Finishing a 9-hour game

Very early this morning, we released our second game, Cattack: An Absolute Cattastrophe—our entry for the Trijam, our first game jam.

After participating in the Discord community, I learned the 9 hours of development doesn’t have to be evenly divided between music, art, and programming; rather, we could allocate however much time we wanted to each category.

So Chase updated the tileset with walls and made a gift box for a secret tile. Meanwhile, I programmed an international version of the story, accessible via the save feature after completing the ~10min visual novel experience.

The game feels like a bit of a disaster, which fits the title, I suppose (and the theme, “Mistakes Were Made,” or the other theme, “The End of the World”). But we’re happy with it anyway, because we participated in a game jam!

Next Friday, for my third and final post about this experience, I’ll review some of the other games made in the Trijam. I’m excited to see what other people made!

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