oVertone, re: blue

senior woman with rainbow hair holding gold smart phone

it’s my birthday, and i’m conditioning my hair blue (for the ninth time, IIRC) with the oVertone conditioner that was advertised in my Instagram feed, because my algorithm knows me

my hair is Irish brown, so it doesn’t hold the color as well as if it were lighter, yet this is okay, since all i wanted was to know that it’s there, like the hair mascara i bought at Hot Topic in the late 90s

when i’m older, i’d like to wear neon clothing and even more hair colors, but i can’t guess what age i’ll be by then, since gray hairs are relative to stress level, and stress level is relative to pandemics and climate change and how often c-ptsd is triggered and the position of the planets+Pluto and how many times i’m overtly or covertly pressured to have children

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