between office half hours

split open fresh green peas

i separate my office hour so i see one class for thirty minutes, and the other for the second half

i do this so i can impregnate a half hour between them, in case one student needs extra help; and i kind of love it when office hour spills over, since that means i’m earnestly helping someone develop as a writer, breaking down walls of insecurity and whatnot

but i’m usually alone in the wedge between my half-hour office spaces, running to the restroom after too much tea; and the toilet is only six feet from where i’m sitting, since i work in a half-home, a duplex, between an apartment and a family home; which is why i’ve thought about a manufactured home, or a home that’s half in the sky and half on the ground; and i’ve thought about halving my naps to list more items on Etsy every week; and i’ve thought about taking one frozen pea, and halving it until my paring knife can’t split it anymore, so i can feed it to our beta fish to reduce stress and prevent indigestion

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