resin fan art

resin pill tray made with sprinkles and a moogle final fantasy opus card

as a child, i liked to redraw my favorite characters from Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, and other Super Nintendo JRPGs

as a twenty-someodd-old writer, i liked to escape the structure of creative writing by sneaking fanfiction onto Wattpad

in my mid-thirties, i am making resin fan art—moogle trays, chocobo magnets, Sailor Moon keychains, Magic: the Gathering shakers—so i am not sure how much has changed, other than finding other people like me, collectively celebrating fantasy worlds that are friendlier to occupy than the real one, the reality raging with virus loads, forest fires, and political scandals, as society accelerates and thins in all directions

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