Blog Goals

In order for me to share my writing, I have to let you know I’m writing.

It’s not like I’m going to leave this apartment and come find you. I wouldn’t leave the apartment at all today honestly, except I need to pick my mom up from the airport for her 3-day visit.

  • 50 posts by end of March, designing first novella, then
    • Social Media: Facebook, Cleo’s A.A. (WordPress), Bored Panda
    • Submission Attempt @:
    • New Category: Odyssey Quests
    • Unlock: design page during April
  • 60 posts by end of April, writing first novella, then
    • Social Media: Instagram, Deviant Art, Reddit
    • Submission Attempt @:
    • New Category: Time Acceleration
    • Unlock: design second novella during May
  • 70 posts by end of May, designing second novella, then
    • Social Media: Twitter, LiveJournal, Bored Panda
    • Submission Attempt @:
    • New Category: Metacognition
    • Unlock: design Etsy store during June
  • 80 posts by end of June, writing second novella, then
    • Social Media: PicsArt, My Quest for Chicken (WordPress), Wrong Planet
    • Submission Attempt @:
    • New Category: Regeneration
    • Unlock: design third novella during July
  • 90 posts by end of July, designing third novella, then
    • Social Media: Pinterest, Tumblr, Bored Panda
    • Submission Attempt @:
    • New Category: Transmutation
    • Unlock: design YouTube channel during August
  • 100 posts by end of August, writing third novella, then
    • Social Media: LinkedIn, Otherworlds (WordPress), Digg
    • Submission Attempt @:
    • New Category: Alteration
    • Unlock: random post button

Also, this blog works excellent as a dashboard for my self-improvement schemes.