I ♥ Being Autistic

Although April is Autism Awareness Month,—& I'm celebrating all month by posting daily on CleoAutismAwareness.com—if you're overwhelmed by the month-long thing, you can also celebrate autism just for today... since it's also 🎉Autism Awareness Day🎉, hurray! Neurodiverse 🧠 A Neuron Story 🧠 Part I 🤬Negatron: It's already 5PM PST, fellas. 🤓Musitron: What about it? 🤬Negatron: You're tooting the … Continue reading I ♥ Being Autistic

Explore ❔ Psychology 🧠

I miss the upside-down pineapple cake that Chase made last week, the cake I didn't think I'd want to eat until he made it. https://kourtniemckenzie.tumblr.com/post/172094969356/behold-my-fiancés-upsidedown-pineapple-cake Meaning Making 👁 A Fascination Back when I posed one of my fundamental research questions—"What is consciousness?"—I linked to a YouTube video by AtheneWins. While I wouldn't call this documentary a solid … Continue reading Explore ❔ Psychology 🧠