I 💌 YouTube, Part I ☝

Listening to Right Now 👾 Free Write Music 👽 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6U2qXfdk6I In My Life Today 😶 In the Beginning, There Was YouTube 💩 Preparing for the science fiction novella I'm working on today, courtesy of a lot of YouTube. I always research with YouTube first, before Wikipedia, books, articles—yeah, you heard me, even effing Google. Listing 🤖 The Addiction … Continue reading I 💌 YouTube, Part I ☝

I 💚 Kindle Unlimited

I'm a huge e-book fan. I've been re-e-reading Designing Your Life thanks to my Kindle Composition Book, as well as indulging in a never-ending bounty of self-help books on kindness, behavioral psychology, and gardening... Courtesy, of course, of Kindle Unlimited. Compliment Sandwich 🍔 I 💛 Kindle 🥪 With Kindle Unlimited, when I finish an e-book, (which is every 2 … Continue reading I 💚 Kindle Unlimited