I 💘 YouTube, Part II

In the interest of further exploring my experience with Fresno Unified, as well as add another dimension to my definition of quitting, I decided to analyze two of my favorite YouTube artists: Quote Response 👫 Prince Ea 🧠 Please note, these are my takeaways; your takeaways will likely be different.But our takeaways have equal value, and I'd love … Continue reading I 💘 YouTube, Part II

is rooted in a deep Lifeview my mother taught me: Be grateful for the damn experience. In My Life … Continue reading Workview, Part I; College vs. K-12 👩‍🏫

Emoticons about Grading, Part I 👊

Teaching Philosophy 👨‍🎓 GWENRE 👩‍🎓 I have this grading technique called GWENRE. It's my grading philosophy. It's also like the 🤯 word GENRE, but with a 🦆ing "W" in it. G rade to E ncourage individual growth, N ormalizing only the minimum requirements for the course. W rite clear notes that make sense to the student, then R eview those notes … Continue reading Emoticons about Grading, Part I 👊

Workview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning

When waterfalls cascade down slanted rocks—and slant the rocks further with pressure, pressure, Almighty Gravity—do the shifts in the cascading water, (once the rocks slant down too far,) appear any more or less beautiful than the waterfall's original design? Is this world really more or less beautiful than fifty years, five hundred years, five million … Continue reading Workview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning