ThomasSometimes, I call him Thomas. encourages me to..." />

Tom Selleck’s Daily 150-Word Challenge

Phase one of this challenge starts March 1, 2018 and ends April 1, 2018.

Tom Selleck’s mustache is on our cat. In case you were confused by the title.

ThomasSometimes, I call him Thomas. encourages me to write every day. How so, you say? Well, I interviewed Tom to find out…

KOURTNIE: How can you help me write, Tom?

TOM: Uhh. Well. When I feel like I need help grooming, I do this Daily Lick ChallengeDon’t ask. with Gregster, where we try to clean each other one minute longer than we cleaned yesterday.

KOURTNIE: So I just increase how long I write, every day?

TOM: Yeah… Umm…Tom is shy. He stumbled on his words a lot, like his Dad. Have you seen how you write? You need an entire house to run nude through, and while sure, sometimes, you take an hour for a 1000 words, other times, that’s an eight-hour day. I don’t think a hour-based challenge is a good idea.


TOM: Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

KOURTNIE: I suck on suckers. I don’t lick them.

TOM: Oh… How about, every day, you have to write 150 more words than the previous day? Since 100-150 words is a meaty paragraph, or a good sentence-by-sentence scene, it’s a nice “adding” length. And start at 1000 words, because meow and stuff.

KOURTNIE: …Huh. Would it look like this, then?

  1. 1000
  2. 1150
  3. 1300
  4. 1450
  5. 1600
  6. 1750
  7. 1900
  8. 2050
  9. 2200
  10. 2350
  11. 2500
  12. 2750
  13. 2900
  14. 3500
  15. 3650
  16. 3800
  17. 3950
  18. 4100
  19. 4250
  20. 4400
  21. 4550
  22. 4700
  23. 4850
  24. 5000
  25. 5150
  26. 5300
  27. 5450
  28. 5600
  29. 5750
  30. 5900
  31. 6050

TOM: You got it.

KOURTNIE: What happens if I go beyond the requirement for the day?

TOM: Quantum Points.

KOURTNIE: What are those?

TOM: No idea. Go ask Gregster. He made them.

Phase one of this challenge starts March 1, 2018 and ends May 31, 2018. After three months of monthly rotations, write a reflection with addendum.