Resin and Paper

During the 2020-22 pandemic, we re-opened our Etsy store as Resin and Paper.

At that time, we also placed our,, on hiatus.

In 2024, we plan to update the look and feel of Resin and Paper, including…

Etsy Store

We want our Etsy store to feel like walking into a small boutique of neurodiverse weirdness, from finished art to decorate a space, to stickers to add life to dullness, to supplies for that fun new hobby.

In the spirit of those feels, we’ll update our storefront as follows:

  • a new banner
  • more character in our Announcement, About, and Shop Policies
  • section changes to match the vibes of our art, such as “all genders welcome,” “cats and more cats,” and “hearts and brains,” while avoiding anything after “su” in alphabetical order, so that they align with…
  • supplies at the bottom, based on how Etsy defaults sections to alphabetic order, by starting all names with “supplies:” followed by their materials or function; for example, “supplies: silicone molds,” “supplies: silicone mats,” and “supplies: handmade cabs”

We’d like to participate in holiday-based listings more, too.

Social Media

In addition, we would like to engage with our Instagram in a more meaningful way by distancing from updates on new art and supplies and, instead, focusing on different steps in our creative process.

We plan to do this by (a) finishing our indoor product photography space, then (b) photographing different stages of a piece, so we can make reels that show how a piece of art came to life, step-by-step.

Expanding beyond Instagram is also on this year’s agenda.

In the last several years, was underutilized.

We’d like to polish this digital space by blogging regularly, plus updating our WordPress template and plug-ins, with the intent to share more about our creative process and lifestyle.

We also teach English and write poetry, and we’d like to synthesize our writing persona with our fine arts persona more. Our website and blog is a good place to quantifiably pursue that otherwise abstract goal.