Hi there, webspacer. I’m Kourtnie, a writer, professor, and life-long learner who loves cats more than you.

I like setting educational goals, then accumulating the resources I’ll need to make brain-dreams happen, whether it’s books, college classes, education websites, journal research, experimentation, YouTube tutorials, etc.

Of course I enjoy sci-fi novels and 21st century poetry collections, too. 

When I’m not drinking up the juices of someone else’s headspace, I like to blot my imagination on paper. I write short stories, novels, and poems in fantasy and sci-fi worlds. Find my Wattpad and e-zine publications in the menu.

I also blog. Like, a lot. A whole lot.

While it’s nerve-wracking to leave the cocoon of fiction—for the first 30 years of life, writing about “real things” felt unsafe—like many frightened women before me, I decided silence wasn’t worth it. 

Now my writing is available, for free, all over the place.

If you’d like to offer starving artist support in exchange for my scattered wisdom, I have a Patreon, except I’d feel uncomfortable if I didn’t tell you, I’m not starving; Patreon is more like you buying me a lemonade. A slice of pizza. Access to simple pleasures.

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate you.